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Is that the Truth or did you hear it from FRV?

Despite employing a PR and media team that outnumbers most Ministers offices, no one from FRV would go on air to address the catastrophic failure of Pumper 57 at a house fire in Truganina last Thursday when requested by 3AW on Friday. Rather FRV headquarters put out two short statements that shamefully dismissed accounts provided […]

Another Fire in Clyde North near ‘Ghost Station’

Another Fire has occurred in Clyde North, only a 5km drive from the land where a FRV fire station, due to be finished construction in 2023, sits empty. As previously reported, the State Government and FRV announced in 2021 that the residents of Clyde North would have a new fully staffed station by mid to […]

Hack Attack Sparked Months of Delays for Firefighters!

The Age 5/4/2024 – A cyberattack that hobbled the fire service’s dispatch system hampered crews rushing to burning buildings and forced them to use a manual back-up scheme for eight months. “The use of pagers, mobile phones and radios increased the time it took firefighters to turn out from the station,” a briefing document prepared […]


How are firefighters’ wages tracking in the current economic climate? The cost of everything has been rising in recent years, and we are all aware that we have not received a wage increase to keep pace. A recent report by Metropo indicated that a person living in Melbourne needs a minimum salary of $110,000 per […]

Out of Date Trucks are a hazard to Firefighters!

Not good enough Minister Jaclyn Symes! A Firefighter at Richmond yesterday nearly suffered a heavy fall upon entering an 18 year old Truck, where the grab handle snapped due to metal fatigue. Thankfully the Firefighter was able to regain his balance. Unfortunately it is another example of the hazard Victoria’s aged and not fit for […]

Les Twentyman – OAM – Rest in Peace!

The United Firefighters Union, Victorian Branch, expresses its condolences following hearing of the passing of Les Twentyman OAM. A prominent youth outreach worker and community activist, Les will always be remembered as a champion of the working class in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The UFU Victorian Branch and its membership has proudly worked along […]

Supporting the Rafiki Yanga Charity 

It’s wonderful to hear about Jack Sullivan’s involvement in supporting the community through his charity Rafiki Yangu and organizing such a positive experience for local children at fire station 53 in Sunbury. This initiative not only fosters a spirit of community engagement but also helps build positive relationships between firefighters and the community, especially with […]