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Community Safety Compromised

#springst The safety of communities across Victoria is being compromised due to a Fire Rescue Fleet that is aged and unreliable. Send your local politician a letter today!https://firecrisis.com.au/send-the-letter/

Victorian firefighters call for funding to maintain aging truck fleet

Frustration rather than relief overcame firefighter Luke Alexander after he put out a grassfire in north-west Victoria earlier this year. The 14-year-old truck his crew operated had broken down and he was forced to book a taxi to get back to the station. “We were stuck on the side of the road twiddling our thumbs,” […]

International Firefighters Day!

International Firefighters’ Day: Honouring Bravery and Dedication On May 4, we come together to celebrate International Firefighters’ Day, a day to recognise and thank firefighters worldwide for their unwavering courage, selflessness, and commitment to protecting our communities. This year marks a significant milestone – the 25th anniversary since the proposal of International Firefighters’ Day in […]

International Workers Memorial Day

28 April each year is International Workers Memorial Day, the day that we remember and mourn for the dead, and fight for the living. Today, UFU members joined representatives from other unions and Ballarat Trades Hall at the memorial of the Delacombe Trench collapse that killed Jack Brownlee and Charlie Howkins with their family members […]

We Remember Anzac Day

Anzac Day holds particular significance among the ranks for our members. We recognise, Deeply Thank and respect those who have served our country. We the UFU will always be grateful, and you will never be forgotten. Current serving members who have served our country that are amongst the many we are fondly grateful for at […]

FRVs managements list of “do as we say, not as we do” grows

FRV Deputy Commissioner appears on Ch9 news after a spate of Lithium Ion fires, pleading with community to make safe decisions when charging and looking after the batteries. FRV written safety advice states: ‘Charge your device on non-combustible surfaces in a room where a smoke alarm is present. Avoid locations where a fire would block […]

Under Resourced Fire Service at Straining Point!

Communities across Victoria are being left at risk due to Victoria’s under funded and under resourced Fire Rescue Service being pushed to its limits. In the past 36 hours the following issues have been experienced due to a lack of funding and planning: Point Cook -Pumper 58 was taken offline leading to the following shortages: […]