UFU Victoria

United Firefighters Union of Australia
Victorian Branch


100 Years and Counting

Edition 1 1911-1921

The inaugural meeting of the United Firemen’s Union of Victoria was held on January 22, 1911. From small beginnings and a quiet start – the first meeting was held in a room under the stairs of the old Eastern Hill fire station – our Union and the Members have battled successive managements and governments to establish and maintain entitlements and conditions that match or better all others.

In these magazines we look back over the last 100 years and recount the tales and struggles of our humble union that has strived and worked hard to deliver so much for our members and their families.

Each edition provides a telling insight into the struggles, battles, losses and wins of the times. All forming a vital piece in the making of our Union and the strength of our members today. A union is only as strong as its membership and its strength in that unity that keep us strong and flourishing for our members as we meet the challenges of today and the years to come.

Click on any cover image to view an edition. Click on the magnifying glass to enlarge your view. Do close the window window when done. Thank you for your interest and please take time to enjoy the remarkable history of the first 100 years of our Union. The United Fire Fighters Union of Australia Victorian Branch.

Edition 2 1921-1930

The 1920’s brought with it an era of politics, political career agendas and our members doing the hard yards.

Edition 3 1931-1940

A deep economic depression, threats to job security, wage cuts and a looming war cast a cloud over the 30’s.

Edition 4 1941-1950

The 40’s sadly brought a number of deaths in the line of duty. Country Firies joined and the first conference was held.

Edition 5 1951-1960

The 40 hour week is introduced and members strike on mass for a hard earned victory.

Edition 6 1961-1970

Massive fires, major casualties, loss of members in the line of duty and amongst a lot more the 10/14 roster is introduced.

Edition 7 1971-1980

A legend retires, the training college and credit union are born whilst, the Shell Oil refinery goes up in smoke.

Edition 8 1981-1990

Our National President, Hazchem hits the spotlight, union wins trucks for CFA vols and the great super scheme is born.

Edition 9 1991-2000

The Coode Island Disaster, the members representative team are elected, job cuts thwarted and much much more.

Edition 10 2001-2011

Events over the decade included Black Saturday and the beginnings of the presumptive legislation campaign.