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Communities across Victoria are being left at risk due to Victoria’s under funded and under resourced Fire Rescue Service being pushed to its limits.

In the past 36 hours the following issues have been experienced due to a lack of funding and planning:

Point Cook -Pumper 58 was taken offline leading to the following shortages:

• No spare fire trucks available in Victoria now.

• C pumper at Warrnambool now being used as a spare. Its main purpose is to ensure the community of Warrnambool and Portland have a resource in case they have multiple incidents.

• P68 still has a broken foam transfer pump, parts have arrived but no spare pumpers in the state to allow it to go offline to get fixed.

Warrnambool – Transporter 70 taken offline (PTO broken)

• No spare transporters in the state.

• West half of Victoria now being serviced by FS10 Richmond for confined space and trench rescue as Transporter 68 is also offline and just a ute responding.

• If a 3rd alarm fire occurs in Melbourne, then FS10 is committed due to their transporter being responded to that incident. Then it is only Wangaratta and Morwell providing coverage for the whole state of Victoria.

Ap75 blown transmission. No aerials in North East Victoria

Torquay Restaurant fire – Missing Armstrong Creek Fire Station

• The missing Armstrong Creek Fire Station means a pumper crewed with professional firefighters located there could have been on scene faster, protecting exposures and rendering assistance sooner.

• The absence of a Professional Fire Service in the increasingly densely populated area has been previously highlighted by the ABC 7:30 report.


James Merlino February 21, 2018  · 

This is a conversation we must have. This story from tonight’s ABC 7:30 Report shows why we need fire reform for our growing state.

The fact is that our fire services are organised in a way that worked in the 1950s but doesn’t work today.

Our fire reforms include an independent Fire District Review Panel which will conduct future reviews of the boundary between fire services, based on population growth, urban development and the volume of Triple 000 calls.

We need to address growth issues that occur in areas like Armstrong Creek before it becomes a problem. Not waiting until after.

Our fire reforms deliver real change that our state desperately needs. The legislation is before the parliament right now. It’s time for opponents to support the bill and put community safety first.