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United Firefighters Union of Australia
Victorian Branch


(Mick) Tisbury AFSM, long term servant of our Union is one of four Victorian finalists for Australian of the Year. Mick has been nominated for his ground-breaking work to protect firefighters from harmful per-fluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Mick’s work for our Union and influence has been pivotal to change not just here in Australia, but across the world. As a global expert on PFAS remediation, he has advocated at the United Nations for an international ban on the use of PFAS in firefighting. In Victoria, he has led a world-first clinical trial which found a solution to the decades-long problem of how to reduce PFAS levels in human blood. He has also overseen efforts to remediate FRV fire stations and equipment that have been contaminated by historical use of PFAS. We congratulate our comrade and wish him all the best with his nomination.