UFU Victoria

United Firefighters Union of Australia
Victorian Branch


UFU Victoria Members and their families took their campaign for a properly funded and resourced Fire Service to the steps of Parliament today.

Currently in Victoria there are 59 FRV frontline trucks that are over 15 years old, contravening safety guidelines.

These trucks are rusted, leak and have serious maintenance issues that impact on the safety of Fire Fighters.

Protective clothing is damaged and falling apart at the seams.

Staffing levels are inadequate, leaving areas such as Sunshine, Carlton, Geelong, Wodonga, Dandenong and many more at risk.

In its submission to Government, Fire Rescue Victoria warned that unless these issues were addressed, risk of firefighter death and injury on the fireground, community death and injury and loss of property is expected to increase.

This campaign affects all Victorians. As we approach what could be a catastrophic fire season, we ask for your support.