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United Firefighters Union of Australia
Victorian Branch


Pumper 86 (Rowville), is currently out of commission due to a mechanical fault discovered during routine checks this morning. This is a major concern for the safety of our community.

While testing the pump, the PTO failed, causing a loss of water pressure and a disturbing grinding noise. Firefighters attempted to fix the issue but were unsuccessful.

The replacement pumper at FS56 Melton, has its own problems – it’s not approved for night use due to faulty lighting! Firefighters are currently on their way to pick it up.

This situation is incredibly serious. If Pumper 86 hadn’t malfunctioned during checks, it likely would have been the first responder to a recent fire at a panel beater shop in Knoxfield. A malfunction during an actual fire, especially one involving flammable materials, could have catastrophic consequences.

This is similar to a recent incident where a fire truck’s pump failed during a house fire in Truganina, putting firefighters at risk when they entered the burning building with no hose lines and delaying critical rescue efforts.

Pumper 86 is already 13 years old and due for replacement in 2 years. There are currently NO plans to replace it after that, leaving our community dangerously exposed.

We need to act now to ensure the safety of our firefighters and our community. Share this post and demand action! Victoria’s fire trucks need proper funding and replacing!