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The United Firefighters Union have welcomed today’s announcement that the Andrews Government will support and implement the recommendations outlined in the Victorian Parliament’s ‘Inquiry into the CFA Training College at Fiskville’.

Senior Firefighter and veteran Fiskville campaigner Mick Tisbury said it was a major achievement in finally getting justice for hundreds of firefighters who were poisoned at the site.

“Since I first raised concerns about the safety of the CFA Training facility at Fiskville in June 2012, it has been a long and hard battle to get justice for the victims – the courageous men and women firefighters who’ve been poisoned due to the disgraceful conduct of the former CFA Board.”

“Thanks to the support of the Andrews Government, we will finally be able to take care of the firefighters who were poisoned and let down by leaders whose duty it was to protect them.”

“The Fiskville Inquiry Report explains in detail the culpability of the former CFA leadership in this extraordinary cover-up.”

“No-one should be in any doubt that the reason the former CFA Board was sacked was due to their reprehensible mismanagement of the contamination at Fiskville, and their willingness to sacrifice the health of firefighters by continuing to expose them to dangerous toxins so that they could cover up their own complicity.”

“What’s worse is that Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) an organisation sworn to protect the welfare of its members was well aware of the contamination threat to firefighters at Fiskville and yet continued to allow them to be exposed in collaboration with the CFA.”

“The United Firefighters Union has been campaigning for justice on this issue for four years and we have been vilified. Today, with the Government’s announcement, our concerns have finally been vindicated.”

Mr Tisbury thanked the Labor members of the Committee Inquiry – Ms Bronwyn Halfpenny MP, Ms Vicki Ward MP and Tim Richardson MP for their dedicated work and incredible support.

“None of this could have happened without the amazing work and incredible efforts of these three MPs. I am deeply grateful and I thank them and the Andrews Government for their help and decisive action.”

“Against much resistance, the United Firefighters Union took this stand on behalf of all Victorian firefighters who were let down by the people whose duty it was to protect them.”

Mr Tisbury said that the United Firefighters Union’s ‘Justice for Fiskville’ Campaign has uncovered hundreds of firefighters who were exposed to contamination and were concerned for their health.

“It’s vital that the next step now be implementing the recommendations, particularly those pertaining to protecting the health of firefighters, as quickly as possible.”

“Lessons must be learnt from the appalling chapter in the history of the Victorian fire services and those responsible must be held to account.”

“I hope this never happens again.”


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The United Firefighters Union will hold a press conference on the Government’s response to the ‘Inquiry into the CFA Training College at Fiskville’ Report, announced today.

WHO Senior Firefighter and veteran Fiskville campaigner Mick Tisbury and Senior Firefighter Tony Martin
WHERE Steps of Parliament House

Spring St, Melbourne

MEDIA CONTACT Elisa Fernandes 0438 021 203