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Another Fire has occurred in Clyde North, only a 5km drive from the land where a FRV fire station, due to be finished construction in 2023, sits empty.

As previously reported, the State Government and FRV announced in 2021 that the residents of Clyde North would have a new fully staffed station by mid to end of 2023. Yet as of April 2024, not a sod has been turned.

As noted by the Member for Frankston, Paul Ederbrooke, this is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. Yet, the site of the proposed station sits vacant with nothing more than a camera on a pole that was meant to track the stations progress.

This is the second fire in a short period of time that would have been responded to in a much shorter time frame, had the State Government fulfilled its commitment to build a fully functional FRV station by 2023.

Correspondence recently sent around stations in the region suggests that the Government has yet to commit the appropriate funds to build the station and make it operational.

Residents of Clyde North are right to ask, where is our Fire Service Levy going??